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African Missions Base Camp

Base Camps are training and networking conferences for churches who are interested in impacting the unreached and/or unengaged of Sub-Saharan Africa. There are great opportunities to hear testimonies of God’s work and pick up practical suggestions and new ministry techniques. Typical workshop seminars include: discipleship, leadership training; cultural insights; and more. Click here for more […]

Upcoming Events

Baptism and Baby Dedication are scheduled quarterly throughout the year. Please call the church office and let us know if you are interested in either of these so we can give you the details of how, when and where!


WH bible class

Summer School! Biblical Intrepretation

Tyler will be teaching our Summer School class on Sunday evenings from 5-6:30 beginning June 22. We will have 1 class per month- June 22, July 13 and August 10. There are a lot of ideas (many of them pretty crazy) about how we are to read and interpret the Bible. Make plans to be […]

Absolute Truth- Truth and Tolerance

Several folks asked for the notes from the Q&A on absolute truth and tolerance from Sunday’s sermon. Feel free to download them (just click on the link for the PDF) so you can spend a little more time thinking about what we talked about on Sunday. These will probably be helpful in discussions with friends […]


Truth-Loving God by Loving His Word

As a follow-up to the post with a recommended reading list to start 2014, here is a great article on how we can practically love God by loving and reading His Word to us- the Bible.We need to read it publicly, as a family and privately. The benefits are immense. There are countless plans to […]